Hubby Have Gynecomastia? Enter Gynectrol

What is Gynectrol & How Can it help?

One of the first supplements designed to deal specifically with gynecomastia (or man boobs), Gynectrol was made to target specifically the fat accumulated in the pectoral area, instead of general belly fat as many other supplements already do. Thanks to certain fat burning ingredients, Gynectrol can attack and eliminate all of the fat that is found in the pectoral region and helps reduce the effects of gynecomastia in men.

The main ingredient is caffeine, which is used in order to increase your metabolism, and allows you to burn fat with ease. Another effect of caffeine is that it can end up speeding up the process of lipolysis, which is a process where triglycerides are hydrolyzed. Bringing that into plain English, that means that the fat stores are the ones that are specifically targeted by your body. Given that most of your fat stores are found in your stomach and man boobs, caffeine is going to be incredibly effective at dealing with gynecomastia.

Chromium is included in the mix, which helps promote the potential of muscle building and with fat burning. An important thing that should be noted, in order to actually lose fat you need to begin building muscle to actually burn the fat away. The very process involved in muscle building always needs fat burning to happen, so chromium makes your gym efforts useful.

By stimulating the thyroid glands, guggulsterone can lead to a faster process while burning the fat stored in your body. It’s also thought that it helps speed up the general fat burning process of the body. By increasing the rate in which you burn fat, the areas in your stomach and pectoral region are more likely to be targeted and to lose that excess fat. 

Lastly, one key ingredient is green tea extract, which helps annihilate the stored fat. Odds are, you’ve already heard that green tea can greatly help promote the fat burning happening in your body. Given that green tea by itself is already an incredibly effective way to burn fat, joining it up with the other ingredients in Gynectrol leads to a much more efficient way to burn away the fat (learn more about what to expect here: (

With all that account, just taking Gynectrol daily won’t be enough for you to lose the weight. No matter how good the supplement might be, it will not get the job done if it’s left to itself. Apart from just taking the supplement, be sure to do exercise daily, including both cardio and muscle building.