What is the Best Breast Pump to Bring on Vacation?

What is the Best Pump for Vacation and Travel?

Traveling moms still have a responsibility to their children to provide sustenance and nourishment, which means they will have to find a way to either breastfeed or breast pump on the go. If you use a breast pump already, you will know that they can be extremely clunky, loud, and an overall inconvenience to bring on a trip with you if you do not own the right one. Furthermore, immense preparation is important to ensure that you have everything your pump needs to function, which makes complicated pumps hardly worth the trouble. In this post we will discuss the best breast pumps to bring with you whilst traveling and the best tips for pumping on the go.

Best Travel Pump

When you travel, you need a breast pump that is lightweight, quiet and effective. Our recommendation in the Spectra S1, which is not only cost effective to purchase, but is also comfortable, lightweight, and has a low noise output. The Spectra also has few moving parts and detachable components, meaning things are less likely to break or get lost while you are in transit. You can pick it up for around $200 at most retailers or online, and can check out a 2017 review of the S1 here if you want to learn more information about it.

Another great pump for traveling is the Medela Pump in Style, which comes with a convenient travel bag and (like the S1) is incredibly functional and has a low noise output. While the Medela is slightly larger, it does come with the bag of easy transport, so you will need to weight the pros and cons of each when deciding between the two.

Pack Smart – Don’t Check the Pump!

Packing smart simply means ensuring you bring everything with you that you will need to pump. Be sure to remember extra batteries, bottles, an electrical outlet converter if you are going out of the country, cleaning supplies, ice to keep the milk cold and so forth. When you are packing the pump itself, make sure that you bring it with you as a carry on, and do not check it with your bags. The reasoning behind this is that it will be less prone to damage or breaking if it comes with you on the plane, and if baggage gets rerouted (which can often happen), you will have it with you so you don’t have to wait to pump. For more tips on traveling while breast pumping, check out this blog!

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