About the Banana Bay Club Blog

About Banana Bay Club Blow

What are we all about?
Banana Bay Club was formed as a blog to provide readers with a way to find information about products and services quickly and easily. We love to write about nearly everything, and have a team of writers who are very passionate about the areas they write in. Some might say they are experts, but they just say they are passionate. Read more about our team below!

George Owner and Head Blogger

George has been on the internet since he was a teenager back in 1985. He has always had a knack for creation and loved making websites at an early age (back when people loved bright flashing colors and HTML). Since then he has grown up a little bit and has started a number of blogs across the web. He started this particular blog because he saw a gap in the market for useful product information sources and wanted to fill it. He loves his dog (Bruce), and has a loving wife and two kids.

Adam – Co-Owner and Creative Director

Adam was born in New Jersey and met George in college. They have been friends for over 15 years and share the same passion for online creation. Adam didn’t get into computers until he was in his late teens, but when he did he jumped in head first. Adam has worked on a number of prestigious projects for companies including Wegmans and Verfone doing web design and content creation.

 More Team Member Bios Coming Soon!